Here’s some stuff I done made


I’m not a creative type, essentially I learnt to cook because I’m greedy and I’m aiming to learn to sew because I’m slightly rotund because of all the eating and cooking I do. A vicious cycle perpetrated under the guise of me being a creative type. Shh… it’s all a ploy.

Anyway, here are some things I made. They’re not all a success because then life would be perfect and that’s not the way I roll.

Chickpea and Broccoli Flan- taken from Vegan with a Vengeance by Isa Chandra Moskowitz


Now: in the book this is called a “casserole” but apparently in other parts of the world a casserole is not the same as in the UK so I’m calling it a flan. Easy peasy to make, takes a while and a bit of elbow grease but not too bad. However now I don’t know what the bloody hell to do with it all…there’s so much of it! It’s a bit of a nothingness dish but I think it would be a good accompaniment to a roast dinner on a Sunday. Also I made it in a large tin and really I should have made it thicker in a smaller tin similar to a frying pan; kind of like a chickpea Spanish omelette minus the egg.


Chocolate and Orange Aquafaba Mousse – Taken from a recipe by word of mouth. Only TWO INGREDIENTS.


This is fucking genius. I used 3 cans of chickpeas on that there flan above and from the ashes (juice) of the flames (chickpeas) I managed to make a DELICIOUS mousse. Oh man this shit is good. And zero waste! and chickpeas are cheap AF. little bloody heroes.

Anyway- whip it whip it good just like egg whites… it goes something like this:


Fucking Magic! FYI you can’t over whip aquafaba -thats the chickpea juice- so keep going until it is as stiff as hair mousse. Melt your chocolate in a glass dish over a pan of water. I used 250g co-operative’s dark chocolate with orange pieces but you can use whatever you want. Fold it in gently, the aquafaba will decrease in size but don’t worry too much. Put it in whatever pots/glasses/cups you choose and refrigerate for min.3 hours. THEN EAT ALL OF IT.

N.B- I would advise using less chickpea water – one can at a time with about 125g of chocolate so that it whips properly. I fucked it right up using 3 cans of water at once.


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