Oh Shit, what’s she saying?

A friend of mine suggested I start a blog and being of the (self-imposed) opinion that I’m literally the funniest person ever; I agreed.

I have been thinking about it recently anyway as I’ve started on my journey as a Vegan – OHDEARGODNOSHESAIDTHEVWORD. Don’t worry this isn’t a rant blog about veganism and in no way do I intend to try and turn anyone, I just want to share some recipes, some thoughts and probably a lot of screenshots of conversations between me and my best friends.

I intend this to be a warts-and-all blog: no fancy-pants staged photos and quotes on sunlit backgrounds, fuck that shit. There will be pictures of my messy kitchen, my messy hair, my messy face and my messy house. At some point I wouldn’t put it past me to blog under the influence (I do love a good dose of “influence” 3,4 maybe 5 times a week). ¬†Oh and clearly I swear- A LOT.

So- brace yourself, This sieve is about to shake!

oh and that’s me and my sister doing our mysterious girl impression. Don’t be jel. Embrace it.


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